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Recruitment positions (multiple): Regional Manager


1) To formulate monthly, quarterly and annual plans for the region under the work deployment of the superiors, to decompose and deploy them to the customers, and to lead subordinates'work and regular assessment;

3) Constantly lead and supervise the subordinates to establish and improve the distribution network, and achieve the established sales goals;

4) Help the core distributors to establish a stable and efficient action system, and lead their subordinates to establish sales system for the main customers of the market, and continuously promote the development of the market performance under their jurisdiction.

5) Be brave to explore and innovate, be good at summarizing and upgrading the work experience of oneself and subordinates, and provide valuable suggestions to the superiors.


1, education is not limited, have 3 years or above work experience in fast moving products industry.

2. Strong team management ability and strong execution.

3, work conscientiously, responsible for opening up market planning and management capabilities.

4, clear thinking and strong innovation ability.

Business Supervisor (multiple):

Main duties and responsibilities:

1. Develop and communicate channel customers, and work out a cooperation plan.

2. Implement regional sales and marketing plan;

3. Provide channel service support plan and maintain relationship with channel customers.

4, timely communication of customers, feedback market information, make processing opinions;

5. Assist channel managers to develop, communicate and manage key customers in the region.

6, establish customer information card and customer files, complete related sales reports;

7. Attend the sales meeting or training organized by the company.


1: strong executive ability.

2: more than 2 years of experience in the business sector, and strong communication skills.

3: bear hardships and stand hard work, strong pressure resistance.

4: clear thinking and sales ideas.

5: have certain business ability and management ability.